UltraHeat RV Pipe Elbow Heater for 1.5″ Drain Pipe; AM-EH-158 is available to buy in increments of 1

For a 1.5″ diameter  (3.8 cm) RV drain pipe

Size: 8″ x 3″ (20.3 x 7.6 cm)
Amperage Draw: 0.9 Amps
Wattage: 12.15 watts

Easy Peel and Stick Installation


If you have more than 6” (15cm) of piping between your holding tank and the drainage termination valve or better known as the gate valve, you will need to consider heating them as well.  Your gate valve is the lowest point of any RV holding tank system, and the piping before is the first to fill, and is also the first to freeze-up due to the lower volume of fluids and no circulation.  Heating only your holding tanks will not extend heat out into the drainage piping more than the mentioned 6”, and once the drain pipe freezes up good luck vacating your tanks.

UltraHeat® – The Original and #1 Selling anti-freeze protection brand of products for RV and Marine holding tanks and drainage systems.  First introduced in 1988 and has been the RV Industry Standard to use since 1991.  Archived as an “Industry Changing Product” in the RV Hall of Fame located in the RV Capital of the World, Elkhart, Indiana back in 2011, this product line opened the door to 4-season RVing. It has been copied but never beaten in performance or longevity.  Reportedly, heat panels originally installed back in the early 90’s are still satisfactorily working today, which is one reason why UltraHeat is now offering a “LIFETIME Limited Warranty” on all of their RV Heat Panels.

These RV Tank Pads uses their exclusive ‘UltraHeat Technology’ and are designed and proven to last and operate for decades.  These heaters have been used and time tested by the general RV’er to the bolder outdoor enthusiast to effectively perform in some of the most extreme and unfriendly climates; enduring temperatures down to and even below -40°F (-40°C).  UltraHeat is recommended by seasoned RVer’s because “This is the Product That Works!”  For more information please go to ultraheat.com.  Note: UltraHeat product performance in extreme cold conditions is contingent on your RV’s design, installation modifications and / or add-ons.

All Tank Heater models have a built-in sensor to maintain holding tank fluid contents between 44°F (7°C) and 64°F (18°C) once power is supplied.  Pipe, pipe elbow and gate valve models are either ‘ON’ or ‘OFF’ and are not regulated by a sensor.

Operating Instructions:  Prior to powering up any UltraHeat system two conditions must be met; 1. Fluids must be present in the areas were UltraHeat products are installed.  2. Ambient temperatures must be at freezing or below and remain in this temperature range while the UltraHeat system is activated.  These heaters are designed to be an anti-freezing system and to work in colder temperatures, operation in warmer temperatures could damage your system.  Note: “Fluids present” indicates that the volume of liquid has reached the point where it covers the surface area where UltraHeat products are installed.

Power “Off” the UltraHeat system(s) once the ambient outside temperatures rise and remain above freezing or once any segment (Gray, Black or Fresh) has been evacuated of fluids, that segment must be powered “Off”. 

Important Notice: This product must be installed in minimum temperatures of 50°F (10°C), and has been designed and tested for use as a heating device for RV holding tank and drainage systems constructed of electrically non-conductive materials.  It is the sole responsibility of the purchaser to insure that usage of this product is consistent with the original design and testing.  Failure to follow and comply install instructions may void product warrantee and could result in damage to the product.