15 Ft. 3/8″ Recoil Flexible Hose Sprayer Phoenix PF267003 for Spray Port RV Boat


Quick connect end on highly flexible hose that uncoils to 15 feet with Spray Away pistol grip sprayer.  Hose recoils to 12″ length for easy storage. Crack resistant 3/8″ polyurethane hose is lightweight, UV resistant, more durable than rubber or PVC hose.  Complies with all applicable code requirements.
  • High quality 15′ x 3/8″ polyurethane coil hose for the Spray Port with Brass insert to fit Spray Port Quick Connector
  • Lightweight, UV resistant hose
  • Re-coils to just 12″
Notice:  Not a Potable (Drinking Water) System. This Spray-Away unit should be drained for transport, storage, or if freezing weather is expected.  To drain. From inside RV or boat, turn off water supply lines to Spray Away unit. Remove spray nozzle from coil hose and insert hose into quick connect.  Hold open end of hose near ground and drain system.  Disconnect hose when not in use.
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Additional information

Weight 32 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 6 × 6 in